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Sheringham, on the beautiful North Norfolk coast, has a history that stretches back over a thousand years. The Museum tells the story of the town and its proud, brave, independent people over the last two centuries, told through beautiful displays packed with interesting things to see, hear and do.

Step inside stunning galleries and walk amongst Sheringham's extraordinary historic fleet of lifeboats and fishing boats. Our collection includes a rich variety of photographs, social history items, agricultural and fishing artefacts as well as our spectacular fleet of boats. It's well worth a visit!

The Museum organises well over 20 public events over the year, with a major 3-month exhibition each summer and events to support Sheringham's many cultural initiatives. Our column over there to the right shows just the next few. A fuller list, with more details of the events is available by clicking HERE.

Our Summer 2019 Exhibition

'Folk Art: Time on our Hands', our major exhibition for 2019, opens on June 14 and will run until October 26. Our 'What's On' column on the right will list the many events that will be included as part of the exhibition.

In the days before industrial mass production, the people of towns like Sheringham relied on their own skills to solve most of life's practical problems. Here on the coast, fishermen designed and made their own nets, crab pots and other equipment; The fishing boats they used were built in the town. Local blacksmiths made the farming equipment. Most of the clothing and footwear for the town was either home-made or made by the town's dressmakers and cobblers. The beautiful ganseys for which Sheringham is renowned were knitted to keep fishermen warm. Handicrafts were a basic part of life, but people were proud of their skills.

There is a crossover between craft and art that is always difficult to pin down. This exhibition explores that ground, finding creativity in even the simplest utilitarian objects and beauty in the objects people made, whether by necessity or for their own pleasure.It shows how the local traditional music and visual art has inspired works acclaimed on the world stage. It is a celebration of craftmanship and we are sure you will enjoy it! Click HERE for a program of the exhibition's special events.


As has become our tradition, we are holding a symposium at the end of the exhibition season. It will start with a drinks reception and viewing of the exhibition on Friday,1 November. On Saturday. (2 Nov.) there will be a full day-long programme of events comprising of morning talks and a choice of afternoon workshops including one run by Des Pawson MBE, from the Museum of Knots and Sailors' Ropework.The cost of the symposium is £30 per person (£25 for Friends of the Museum).

Booking is essential, of course. You can download the full program of symposium events and a booking form by clicking HERE


               What's On?

Here are our next few events - click 'Events' above for more

1. Folkart: Time on our hands
Folkart: a major new show at Sheringham Museum celebrating the richness of the fisherfolk artists of the coast.
14th June every day until 26th October 2019
2. Evening Storytelling ticketed event: Dark Matters, The Devil as Trickster
Evening Storytelling ticketed event: Dark Matters, The Devil as Trickster. Satanic Stories reimagined by Jonathan Lambert Wrapped in sound and served on a bed of wry humour
Wednesday 23rd October 8.00-10.00pm
3. Lunchtime Talk: Rachel Donald on the Home Arts & Industies and Miss Jefferis woodcarving class for fisherboys.
Friday Lunchtime Talk on the Home Arts and Industries and Miss Jefferis woodcarving class for fisherboys.
Friday 25th October 12.30-1.15
4. FOLKART SYMPOSIUM Folkart: time on our hands
Folkart: time on our hands SYMPOSIUM. An evening drinks reception and exhibition viewing followed by a full day-long programme of events including morning talks and afternoon workshops.
Friday 1 November- and Saturday 2 November