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Work Experience Opportunities

Are you passionate about history, or do you ever wonder who decides what goes on display in a museum?

Whether your interest is in the gift shop, or helping to maintain the collections, we could help you to develop relevant and transferable skills. At Sheringham Museum we offer placements for students to gain new experiences and life skills.

If you think we could help one of your students, please contact our Learning Officer to see what opportunities we can provide. Here are examples of some of the skills which we could help you to develop -

  • Communication: Museums are all about communication. From discussing which objects should be displayed, to advertising events or interacting with our visitors. Communication and presentation skills are a fundamental part of museum work.
  • Customer service: We provide a range of services for our local community, school groups, holidaymakers and many other visitors. This could be through the museum shop, an education visit or providing information on the galleries. We aim to listen to our customers and provide a quality experience.
  • Confidence: Through working with our fantastic, experienced museum volunteers, you could get an introduction to the wide range of work activities that are part of the running of a modern museum.

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