Privacy Policy

Information we hold

We do not use cookies on this site, and we collect no information from visitors to the site. We do collect some statistics of site use, using Google Analytics, but we receive no personal information.

We keep the following information for Friends of Sheringham Museum: name(s), address and email address (as provided on the enrollment form) and date of joining. This information is kept for the duration of membership, with a three-month period of grace to allow for late renewal of membership. The information is kept on the enrollment forms, locked in the Manager's office, and in a secure computer database accessible only to the manager and the volunteers who operate the Friends scheme. A list of Friends email addresses (only) is kept in a Mailchimp database to allow bulk emailing of museum newsletters.

Our Friends membership year is aligned with calendar years, so all information on unrenewed memberships is removed at the end of March from our computer database and our Mailchimp account. At the same time, all enrollment forms from the previous year are destroyed, except those received after September 30, which are deemed to be valid for up to 15 months.

The process for dealing with information provided by Members of Sheringham Museum Trust is almost the same as the Friends process. The only difference is that we collect Members telephone numbers.

For our Museum Volunteers we keep contact details (name, address, telephone and email details) plus the list of interests and skills provided by the volunteer. Volunteers registration forms have no expiry date, so their paper forms and database entries are kept for the term of their volunteer service.

No paper records now exist for our few remaining Life Members (now 'Life Friends') but they have supplied statements authorising the museum to contact them via email or their postal addresses. These statements do not contain any contact information - that is held in our membership database. The statements are held in the Manager's office.

People who subscribe to our mailing list using the form on our Members, Friends and Volunteers page provide only their email address, and this is kept in a Mailchimp database, secured by that organisation. The museum does not hold this information.

Passwords used throughout our systems are provided by complex password generators to ensure a high level of security

Use of Information

We use the information we hold to provide services to our Friends, Members and Volunteers. From time to time, bulk statistical information (e.g. number of Friends) might be supplied in support of a grant application, but no personal information is ever available to unauthorised persons. The museum does not share personal information with any outside body. This website and its associated database was developed in-house and is managed by museum volunteers.