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Sheringham Ganseys - People, Places, Patterns

(Rita Taylor, Lesley Lougher, Jan Hillier, Ken Holloway and Martin Warren)

An exploration of the world where the gansey (fisherman's pullover) was the iconic garment - the fishing communities of the UK (particularly the east coast) over the last two centuries.

Sheringham was a centre of excellence in the production of ganseys. The book looks at the history of gansey knitting, the techniques, general design features and dispels a myth or two along the line. It moves on to examine the history of the east coast fishing industry, living style and conditions in fishing families and charts the industry's decline over the last four decades.

There is a discussion on the well-known gansey knitting families in Sheringham, with examples of their work, and a view of current practice - a project celebrating the lives of Sheringham's best known fishermen.

The book includes a selection of knitting projects (large and small) with patterns, of course, for inspired knitters.

(210mm x 210mm, 84pp.   Price: £10 plus packing and postage (see options at right)

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