Your Museum Learning Experience

As you may already know, Sheringham has a history going back a very long way. Some of the objects in our collection are many thousnds of years old, but the important growth in the town's history has occurred in the last two centuries.

We have some pages here to introduce you to aspects of life in the town over those two hundred years. Boatbuilding and the fishing industry are obvious subjects to be covered but we are not ignoring those prehistoric periods. You will soon find below a link into our Deep History Coast section, explaining the origins and importance of the fossils that are regularly found here. We are working to broaden the range of topics available to you, so we suggest you return regularly to these pages.

We also have a few suggestions for you on how to look at the information and ask the sorts of questions that - when you have the answers - give you a better understanding of the subject. In other words, become a 'museum detective'!