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Whether you're at home or at school, you can use The Sheringham Museum Learning website to discover the rich history that Sheringham has to offer.

The site has material for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils. It has information and activities for both age groups. In Key Stage 1, ‘Fun On the Beach’, children are invited to explore what may be found on the beach together with a variety of follow-up activities.

For Key Stage 2 children, the unit covers ‘Fisherfolk’ focussing on the skills to become a Museum Detective, Boatbuilding in the past, and an opportunity to investigate some of the sea life found off the North Norfolk Coast. There is an information-rich module on Norfolk's Deep History Coast, one on Sheringham lifeboats and one on Renewable Energy..

Children can use the pages independently, but the fun is enhanced when parents and teachers join in.

Each of the learning units incorporates text and video which can be used in a variety of ways. The videos can play a part in either a warm up or the presentation part of a lesson. This can then lead to practical work - whether it be building a paper boat or investigating a text. The Make and Do sections of the KS1 material can form part of project work. The KS2 learning can form a foundation for more serious historical studies. For example, ‘Becoming a Museum Detective’ teaches children how to investigate an object/text. This unit has cross-curricular impact encouraging children to question sources.

There are a number of additional videos available for classroom use which are currently hosted on YouTube.

They include:

    • Extended videos on boatbuilding in Sheringham with more detailed information on the Emery family
    • The Ballad of John Craske tells his story and this can provide a starting point for investigating the lives of fishermen
    • Olive Edis was a famous Sheringham photographer. A replica of her studio can be found in the museum as well further information about her life and the people that she captured on film
    • Ralph Vaughan Williams was a frequent visitor to Sheringham and the video gives an opportunity for children to investigate music as well as history
    • Sheringham - A Century of Change - provides information on Sheringham covering the development of the town from a small fishing village to a holiday resort with a railway and vibrant town centre.
    • The Cannon - is a short film which teaches about the work that has sometimes to be undertaken when restoring an ancient artefact.

Links to additional videos


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Famous Residents

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The Future

Further online materials will be available later in the year and we hope to see you and your students in the museum for a truly ‘hands on’ experience.

We’d love to hear how you are using the learning materials and you can contact us by email:

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