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Activity - Investigate a Page from a Sheringham Guide

There are lots of sources that you can use. Old newspapers are full of information and not just about the news. You will find adverts which can tell you not only about the shop or product but also about what people of the time were buying.

Take a look at this page from the 1927 The Sheringham Guide. What can it tell you? Think about questions that start with who, what, where, when, why and how.

Guide page

• When was this published?

• Why was it published? Why would people need a guide to Sheringham?

• What does it tell us? Would you describe Sheringham as ‘an East Coast health resort’?

• What’s in the photograph? Are these people dressed like we would be dressed for a day at the beach?

• Does Sheringham still look the same? I can see the Burlington Hotel on the left, but what is the other big building?


You might like to find out if more guides to Sheringham were published and if they are still produced today.

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