Sheringham Museum  



Sheringham Museum is filled with interesting things. We’ve got lifeboats, fishing boats, old shops, and even an Edwardian photography studio......... and there's plenty more!

There are lots of things for you to see and do but you will enjoy it more if you learn how to become a history detective, so we have a few suggestions about that. You can find out how Sheringham boats were built in the past, how Sheringham fishermen made their living from the sea and discover the types of fish that they caught to make their living. There are fun activities at the end of each section.

Fishing at Sheringham has a history going back a very long way. Nearly two hundred years ago, a Sheringham carpenter agreed to build a boat for a local fisherman. It was such a good boat that he was asked to build more, and soon Sheringham had a thriving boat-building community, with several builders providing boats for fishermen along the coast.

Check out the videos to find out more!