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For hundreds of years Sheringham men and women have made a living from the sea. When the weather was good or when the weather was bad they would set sail. Fishermen used long lines and lobster pots, crab pots and whelk pots.


fishing gear


Fishing was hard and exhausting work. If a fisherman went to sea and there was no wind then they would have to row their boat, sometimes covering over 26 miles.


mackerel There are many rules regulations that fishermen must observe. The types of fish and crustaceans they can catch, as well as their minimum sizes, are carefull controlled, so that our fishing stocks are preserved. Click on this mackerel (left) to investigate further.

A Marine Conservation Zone has been declared along the length of the Cromer Shoal Chalk Bed, which stretches between Weybourne and Happisburgh. This very sensitive area is having problems - you might like to investigate!

Activity - 'Fishy Tales' (Write a story)

Fishermen often tell tales of some of the adventures they have at sea. Watch this video to see some of the words that you can use to describe the sea. You can use them in a story. Your ‘fishy tale’ might be about being out in a crab boat on a stormy sea, or perhaps a story about catching something surprising!

Time to start writing! Watch this video for words that you might like to use.

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