KS1 Museum Detectives

Welcome to Sheringham Museum. Say “Hi” to Larry the Lobster who will help you to become a museum detective. In the museum we have lifeboats, crab boats and a street of old shops called Shannock Street. Click on Larry and see what you can discover. There are videos and lots of things to make and do.


What's on the Beach?

It’s always good fun to go down to the beach. You can listen to the waves and see the gulls soaring above you. You can see the lovely patterns that the sea makes in the sand and you can even build a sand castle. What would you expect to find if you went down to the beach today? Time to try out your detective skills. You will see six things that you might find on the beach but one is an odd one out.

click me!
fishing boat
click me!

Things to Make and Do -

The world is full of interesting things to see and do. Here at Sheringham Museum we have lots of them, so we have picked a few projects for junior detectives to get started on. Our little lobster friend will show you -

Lobster with pencil
Beaches are fun