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Sheringham's Lifeboats

Here's a video to introduce you to Sheringham's lifeboats. The town has had eight lifeboats over the last 185 years, and we have five of them in our collection - four on show in the museum and the fifth housed in the Fishermen's Heritage Centre several hundred yards west along the beachfront. This is the best local collection in the UK and naturally we are very proud of it!

After this video you can select each of the eight lifeboats and get more information about them.

Lifeboat Parade - 170 years

Two of our lifeboats were built locally, funded by the much-respected Upcher family, and were housed in a purpose-built shed. The other six have been provided by the RNLI, and if you check the dates for which each boat operated, you will see that for nearly 70 years, the town was served by two lifeboats!

There were reasons - the locally-built boats were more conveniently located for launching and their designs were perhaps more appropriate for our beach launchings and sea conditions. The RNLI boats were well used and often both lifeboats would be used in a rescue, but the two locations where they were housed over the years both presented problems.

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